Additives from the Earth, the lingering scent of pure essential oils, and the infusion of herbs into high-quality fats are things we cherish and look forward to working with every day. What motivates us the most is to hear how our skincare products have helped others. Knowing we can provide wholesome products using beautiful, natural ingredients from the Earth, and our own creativity gives us a feeling of purpose, happiness, and fuels our passion. We have deeply and hopelessly fallen in love with nature and the art of herbalism. Two things that we hope to share with you.

We started our family owned and operated small business, The Chicory Co. LLC (named after our favorite wildflower), in June of 2020. We hit the road and attended multiple vending events. The love and support we received was unexpected, yet beyond amazing and to this day we appreciate every kind word. With that said, we are and always will be grateful to our supporters.

We make traditional herbal skincare products using only the finest ingredients. Our startup has been a slow process because like many other small businesses starting up, we made a lot of mistakes. However, we have been doing extensive research and taking our time to build a brand that we can be proud of. We truly believe we can make our company a healthy and affordable option for those who do not have the budget for luxury products. We believe you should be able to treat yourself and have skincare products that are actually safe and healthy for you and your loved ones. Our promise to you is that our business is not just a business. Our business is an herbal journey to better quality products and healthier skin.

We truly hope you enjoy your products as much as we enjoy creating them. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With love,

The Chicory Co.