Our Past

When we first started, we made a lot of mistakes.

Before knowing what we know now:

  1. We used already made melt & pour bases to make our luffa soaps - Pre-made bases are an easy and cheap way to start making soap. However, when taking a closer look at the ingredients, we realized that many of them contained harsh chemicals and preservatives. We are not okay with this!
  2. We made water-based products like lotions, body mists, and hair conditioners - Though these products can be nice and fun to make, they needed preservatives that we no longer approve of and will not use for our brand.
  3. We made soy wax melts - Trying to stay away from paraffin wax, we decided to use soy wax to make our wax melts. After doing our own research, we concluded that soy does not fit into our brand.
  4. Our cold process soap bar shape was too wide and too similar to other soap companies - We want to give you a product that is functional and unique! In the past, our soaps looked generic and were difficult to hold/wash with.

These mistakes make us cringe now, but at the time we honestly did not know what we were doing, and we want to be transparent about that. With that said, we still had the intentions of helping others and making high-quality products. We were just doing it the wrong way.

Our Present - No excuses, Just Improvements

The past is in the past! We have learned from our mistakes and worked hard to correct every one of them.

Here is how we did it:

  1. We now make all of our melt & pour soap base from scratch! This means we know exactly what is in our soap and where those ingredients come from. We keep the ingredients wholesome and simple. Our products made using our melt & pour base do not contain harsh chemicals or preservatives!
  2. Water-based products like lotions, liquid conditioners, and sugar scrubs must contain preservatives to remain stable. We do not like harmful preservatives, so we do not make any water-based products anymore! Instead, we stick to making natural oil-based products, which do not need preservatives. *We also now only package our oil-based products in eco-friendly paperboard jars and tubes. 
  3. We are now a strict no soy company! Soy is a common allergen for many individuals. We take special care to ensure none of our high-quality oils or other ingredients contain any traces of soy. We will no longer make soy wax melts! Instead, we are replacing soy wax with more healthier choices, such as ethical tallow and ethical beeswax.
  4. We have changed our cold process soap shape! Our new and improved bars are thicker and taller than our original bars. The coolest part about our soap shape is that we built the soap molds ourselves; therefore, our soap shape for our cold process soap is unique. We also believe we have improved functionality and that our soaps are now easier to hold/use.

We have done a full 360 turn around on our brand and we are never going back to our old ways. We are striving to be a different kind of skincare brand. 

Our Future 

We plan on expanding our product line. We also plan on offering more collections. We are looking forward to sharing our newest creations with you!